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What are local SEO services?

By optimizing your website for visibility in a specific location, your business will appear to those searching for your products or services at that moment. Almost 50% of all searches on Google are for local businesses or services. When smartphone users are looking to visit a nearby business within a day, that number jumps to more than 76%.

Why Local SEO Solutions Are Important For Your Business

By appearing at the top of those “near me” search engine results pages (SERPS), you can capture potential customers that live in the area as well as those visiting for the day. This is true whether you have one location or multiple locations throughout the city, state, or country. Concentrating SEO efforts on each individual metro area helps your overall search engine rankings.

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Services We Provide

Local Listings

Optimize your local listings to help users locate you.

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Nationwide SEO

Enterprise-level SEO services for nationwide businesses.

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Analytics and Reports

Reporting and analytics to communicate growth.

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Small Business SEO Services

Corner the market in your corner of the world.

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Multi-Location SEO

Have a business with multiple locations? We can help!

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E-commerce SEO

Optimizing your
E-commerce site to build online sales.

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Enterprise SEO

SEO for large scale businesses across the globe.

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How Do Local Search Engine Optimization Services Help You Grow Organic Traffic?

  • Our local SEO experts ensure your local listings have the correct information, updated descriptions, hours, link to your website, services, and so on. By ensuring your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Google Maps, Yelp, BBB, TripAdvisor, and other directories have robust, updated information, your business becomes more relevant and gains higher prominence with Google searches.
  • With content marketing that satisfies the searcher’s intent, potential customers not only spend more time on your site, but become engaged with it. Entering sales funnels, filling out forms, making phone calls, and other conversions are driven by the content.
  • On-page optimization or on-site SEO work includes improving meta descriptions, header tags, titles, and even image alt tags to give Google the information it needs to prove you’re worthy of a high ranking. While content appeals to the human side of the equation, on-page optimization speaks to the search engines.

Reaching Your Customers

Not all web traffic is created equally

Think about some of the things that potential customers are asking about your product or service. Let’s say you run a tree service company. You know from your conversations with the SEO folks at Webfor that people are searching for the specific keywords.

Webfor can build service pages and content blogs for you that will drive traffic to your site. (The exact traffic that was over at Google entering those search queries!)

92% of Millennials have done “near me” searches, a clear sign that this trend continues its upward trajectory.

Local SEO Strategies That Work

A Holistic Approach to Organic Search Result Growth

Any successful SEO marketing strategy starts with on-page, off-page, and technical optimizations and optimizing your site for local searches (if that “walk-up” clientele is important). By auditing your site with an eye on all of these aspects, we present an SEO campaign that outlines successes, pain points, and missing components of your existing website.

On Page Optimization

Keyword research gives us cold hard facts as to what your customers are looking for and any related or secondary keywords that help drive the content. Where those keywords are placed, such as titles, headers, and subheaders, also play a part. Internal and external links add value to a page as does schema makeup. When content and on-page optimization work together, your webpages hum.

Off Page Optimization

These are ranking factors that aren’t directly associated with your website that help solidify your online presence. A major factor of off-page or off-site optimization is link-building or backlinks: links that bring people to your site. These can come from business listing directories, social media marketing, other websites, and so on. Even monitoring online negative or positive reviews can help with off-page optimization of your site because it’s linked to your reputation.

Technical SEO Optimization

Where on-page optimizations can be seen the second you open a webpage, technical optimizations are unseen steps taken to make your website easier for search engines to crawl and understand. The process also ensures your page load times are fast. Removing dead links and duplicate content, improved security, and site structure all play a part in long-term success.

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Making Sure You’re Ready When They’re Ready

When it’s time to buy, why not buy from you?

A person may be walking through downtown Vancouver WA and decide that it’s a good time to take care of that thing they’ve been putting off. And that thing happens to be the thing that your business services or produces. That person is a potential customer who may be searching for what you offer and may just happen to be in your neighborhood!

In fact, as reported by Search Engine Land, “69% of smartphone owners use their devices to help them shop. … Of that group, 82% had done ‘near me’ searches.” And — just to drive the point home further — a 2014 study by research firm Ipsos MediaCT found that 56% of smartphone searches had local intent.

Quality content + SEO data science = Users who take action!

Webfor refines your unique value proposition — that thing that you do that nobody else does. Then, we harness the power of SEO to draw people to your website. Top-notch content of the kind Webfor can produce for you and your business is the backbone of organic searches. When copywriting and SEO join forces, the results can be tremendous.

We are an SEO agency that works with local, regional, and nationwide clients to provide optimizations that help with their specific needs. There is no single SEO plan that works for every client. The needs of a local plumber or accountant will vary significantly from a regional veterinarian chain or an educational institution with locations in 48 states.

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Our SEO Services Are Streamlined to Get You Results.

We pinpoint potential clients to make your traffic more valuable.

We will produce content that answers questions posed by web users through their search queries. Everything we write is informed by SEO best practices. In other words, the content we create is informed by data. So not only does it read well, it’s got a sturdy SEO backbone that attracts users who are searching for precisely the products or services your business offers.

Webfor will focus on tons of data to make the most out of the content we create for your website. We pay particular attention to keywords, links (internal and external), and your site’s web presence, among other things. We also improve existing content to ensure it stays relevant.

Through Google Analytics, SEO applications, and other third-party tools, we use cold hard facts to create content that sings. In time, we show through results/measurements/conversions the impacts of these efforts and what it means to your business. Through continued content creation and monthly optimizations, we strive to get you to Page One and keep you there.

We help people. That means you, too. Get in touch for a free consultation and discovery session.

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Our marketing customers and partners tell it like it is.

“…team go above and beyond for our account. We appreciate the support they give, as well as the knowledge they pass on to us and our business. They acknowledge points that truly affect our business. Thank you!”

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