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Reputation management services maintain your positive presence and grow brand advocates.

Good word of mouth used to be enough to keep small businesses afloat. And while there’s still some truth to that today, those less-than-thrilled customers can take to review sites and have their displeasure amplified, warranted or not.

While positive reviews are still a marketing mainstay, negative reviews seem to have a longer-lasting effect than ever before. Constructive criticism aside, sometimes these bad reviews can be hurtful, over the top, or just plain fabrications. How you deal with these reviews should be part of any digital marketing strategy.

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You may want to roll up your sleeves and go on the offensive, but an online reputation management partner helps you address potential problems in a calm manner while maintaining an upbeat attitude.

Potential customers aren’t just reading your business’ reviews, they’re reading to see how a business owner responds to those reviews.

As your online review management team, Webfor will ensure your positive reputation stays intact.

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What advantages does reputation management provide?

Good reputation management goes much further than just trying to bury negative reviews. It’s a way to engage with your customers and address any issues they may have. We all want to feel like we’ve been heard. Having a reputation management strategy in place will do just that.

And not just for the bad reviews, either. Responding to negative reviews is key, but did you know that responding to good reviews is just as important? Whether your audience takes the time to give you praise or critique your business, they want to know that you heard them and you acknowledge them. Your clients – and potential customers – will appreciate the interaction.

Good or bad, sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to look through all of those review sites. The Webfor reputation management team will help you track, respond, and monitor review threads on several sites (Facebook, Yelp, Google reviews, and more).

Reputation Management Customer Engagement Dashboard

If a customer has had a good experience with your business, getting them to tell the world can really boost your reputation. But it can be difficult to ask them to write a review at the end of the transaction. With our Customer Engagement Dashboard, the process can be automated.

The Webfor reputation management team demonstrates how to add new clients to the system and directs your customers to review sites after positive feedback — or to a different area where they will be asked for more information after leaving a negative comment. Receiving — and being receptive to — feedback is a critical component in brand management and customer service.

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We’ll help you craft a response to address whatever issues customers may have and gather more information if needed. We’ll also provide general replies that thank clients for their positive reviews. This is an efficient way to keep you on top of your reputation without devoting too many hours.

Reviews are in place to let potential customers know about great customer service or products and have become a permanent part of any online marketing strategy. How you interact with a customer after a bad review is just as important as highlighting the good reviews.

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In “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Of course, Mr. Wilde never lived in the age of the internet and social media. Online reputation management services are a way to encourage and address online reviews, both good and bad, and help preserve a positive online reputation.

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