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Our custom-developed websites don’t rely on third-party themes and licensing.

So much of a successful website depends on the user experience, website design, search engine optimization, content, and more. But none of it matters if the back end of the website is a mess. A well-planned development process provides a solid foundation for everything your customers see and interact with.

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The Need For Speed

Fast-loading sites maintain customer interest

Making sure sites run as fast as possible is extremely important. The faster a site loads, the better the customer conversion rate. All current Webfor-built sites are made with custom code inside WordPress and other platforms. This means less overhead to make websites work, which in turn means they are generally much faster to load.

This custom code also allows Webfor to create more dynamic websites that feature less risk of breaking due to monthly plug-in updates, and are generally more future-proof.

In short, Webfor sites are built with the present and the future in mind.

Website Support

We keep your website up so it can keep working for you
At Webfor, we treat your website like it is our own. If there’s a problem, we want it fixed just as much as you do. So in addition to custom website development, we also provide monthly hosting, support, and maintenance.

This goes beyond emergency situations, too. Our maintenance plans are designed to head off any potential issues before they become very real problems. Quality assurance is the mainstay of every web design and development project.

Downtime? What’s that?
We make sure sites are always kept up to date and any potential plugin security fixes are implemented as soon as possible to keep sites safe and secure. All sites hosted by Webfor have 24/7 monitoring for malware and uptime so sites rarely have any time at all when they’re offline.


Troubleshooting, problem-solving, and scheduled updating
If any plugin updates cause issues, our team is able to replicate those issues on the staging sites away from public view in order to troubleshoot and repair the problem. Once the issues are resolved, we apply the fix to the live site for a seamless update. As a hosting and maintenance client, you’ll also get advanced spam protection with Akismet, the No. 1-rated spam protection WordPress plugin in the world.

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Experienced, Knowledgeable Website Management

Upgrades that help with functionality
Another big part of our services is our technical advice and support for new features. A website is a living thing that can continue to be expanded upon as much as desired. If you’re looking to upgrade your site, we can build that into our process with custom plugin development or via recommendations for existing plugins within the WordPress ecosystem.

These recommendations expand beyond just new features to a website. A11Y assists our developers in ensuring our clients’ sites are accessible to everybody and anybody who visits them. Ensuring the quality and consistency of everybody’s web experience is one of the most important features of any website moving forward. In fact, many states are moving toward accessibility mandates.

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Our team provides you with recommendations for improvements to accessibility, as well as implementing those recommended changes. By making your website more inclusive, more customers will be able to take advantage of your products or services.

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“Webfor did an amazing job building the website for our youth career center. Following our brand guidelines, they created an eye-catching and appealing site and offered suggestions to make the site user-friendly and compatible with mobile devices – which is what most of our audience will use to access the site. Stellar professionals, they know their stuff and we would use them again.”

Julia Maglione / Workforce Southwest Washington
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