Google Business Profile Secretly Rolls Out “Services”

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You can now add a categorized list of your services on your Google Business Profile listing.

I was checking out the new option to add a description in your GBP listing when I noticed an area called “Services”. I’ve never seen this before and it’s my job to keep up on “all the things” and I thought to myself did this update slip by me? After quickly dismissing such nonsense I started doing some research and checking Google’s documentation on editing your Google listing and all the features they have. I saw that while the new “Description” feature is listed, “Menu” is listed, and “Attributes” are listed, which are all newer features that GMB has rolled out “Services” was not listed anywhere.

Where can you find the services feature inside Google Business Profile?

Here is what the GBP “Services” section looks like:

Services in Google My Business

Once you click on the “Add or edit items” it opens up this page.

GMB Services InputAs you can see, you can also add “Sections” for your services. It gives you the ability to enter the service/item name, the price as well as a description.

I’ve updated the services and it will take a few days until it gets approved. I will add more at that point.

I reached out to Barry Schwartz and David Mihm just to check that I wasn’t going crazy.

Alright, so I’ve got a few more updates for you.

I reached out to the SEO community to get some feedback and my friend Tony Svoboda replied:

This is definitely a newer feature and it hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet. Mike Blumenthal originally wrote a post in 2017 about GBP rolling out product & service menu links to the knowledge panel, so I asked him if this was the same as that and he confirmed that it is not. See the tweet below. It looks like previously they had a field to add links to your product & service menus, but in this case, they are having you input the service and description right within GMB.

It looks like Andy Simpson noticed this new feature a few days before me. See the tweet below.

The updates I made to the services on Webfor’s GBP listing went live in less than a day. As Andy pointed out above it shows up under “Menu” on your GBP profile. This is really strange and doesn’t really make sense. Hopefully, Google will change this to “Services” soon. Something else that I noticed was that the “Services” section (under Menu) only appears on the mobile GMB listing currently. It’s not appearing on any desktop searches that I’ve seen.

Here are some screenshots of what it looks like on mobile:
Services on GMB Listing


Gotta run now but will update with some feedback from the community.