Your Guide to Becoming a Google Search Monster Hunter

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The monster, Google, is on the move and is built around delivering unique experiences to users, at any cost.

We know that Google owns the search market. That’s nothing new. They’ve gained and lost ground over the years though one thing is true, they know how to evolve. They’ve spent years acquiring companies, developing new tech and supporting military initiatives.

In many ways, they’ve turned into the modern day Skynet. Let’s just hope we’re a few decades from a Terminator roaming the streets 🙂

We live in the age of rapidly evolving technology. We use digital assistants daily for directions, to play our favorite tracks and perform a range of other tasks like setting alarms, reminders and searching for information. How digital marketing evolves through this era is yet to be seen, but what we do know, is that Google consistently drops hints and information that would suggest future algorithm or services updates. We’ve come to know now, that we need to take these hints seriously.

When Google Glass hit the market years ago, the community was blown away by the opportunities and people loved the concept. Just one problem, the use of advanced technology was framed as an invasion of one’s privacy which opened up a can of worms with business owners, parents and security services because you could record and capture digital media with taps, blinks and other gestures. Google quickly dropped the product to protect their core brand though Glass isn’t totally gone and don’t be surprised if you see it return in the next 10 years. Why? Because people don’t know they need it yet.


Managing the Future Monsters of Google Search from the downtown Vancouver, WA Chamber of Commerce Presentation by Jason Wright


When Marketing Does Its Job, Then You Win

Marketing online is difficult, it takes time and is compounded by the fact that there are NO quick wins. Period. Organic SEO is an amazing long-term investment of which many agencies fail at doing well because they don’t evolve with the technology. I get it, it’s extremely hard to do. We’re good at what we do because we don’t keep doing the same things we’ve done the last 10 years. That makes us better.

To stay ahead consider how you might be using these platforms and marketing channels in the future:

  • Google Voice Search / Other Search Services
  • Wearables (like Glass)
  • Chatbots and Live Chat Features
  • Site Speed and Mobile Development
  • Search Services
  • Email Marketing

If you’re a local business, then you have even more opportunities to optimize your presence and be found online through various local channels. Centroids sound scary but don’t panic because it’s pretty basic.

What is a Centroid?

A Centroid, simply put, is hyperlocal data collected by a search engine and based on information you or others have provided about a business. Centroids include things like on-site content, location designation (NAP), citations and other related materials.

Returning to the Monsters Within

Googles changing every day and to keep up, you have to be ahead with a mix of strategies that make sense and strategies that are non-conventional. Staying ahead requires a deeper form of thinking. I’ve created a checklist to help you take on the challenges of ranking locally. There’s a ton of value, but I’m giving it away for free.

Get Your Checklist to Battling the Centroid Monster for Local and Multi-Location Businesses

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