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Google+ Launched to Compete with Facebook

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Google has never shied away from bold leaps into new ventures. They have gradually dipped their toes into the social media realm with applications such as Google +1, which allows users to recommend websites that can be seen by their friends and family who also have a Google account.Google+

Now they are going headfirst in direct competition with Facebook with its test phase for the new social network Google+.

One of the most exciting, and frankly most logical, progressions that Google+ is bringing to the table is Circles. With this feature, Google+ users can group friends into categories and share different information with each person or group. For instance, why would anyone want to share their political opinions or potential off-putting sense of humor with certain work acquaintances where it may not only strain relationships but compromise career opportunities? While this is available in Facebook most people don’t know about it and it’s not quite as intuitive.

One of Facebook’s biggest PR hurdles is objections to their handling of sensitive privacy issues, such as the new default setting of face recognition. There already early rumblings of the superior privacy nature of Google+, and the company is being aggressive enough to emphasize the privacy customizations it offers.

The Huddle feature is a nice option for group outings that is ideal when more than two people are involved. Multiple people are grouped into a (mobile) chat session to make planning quicker and easier.

Another interesting feature is Spark, which you can customize to notify you of things you are interested in. This integrates perfectly with the Google +1 feature, where Google can gather information on what you like and keep you updated on them. I’m not sure how it would be integrated, but it seems to be a no-brainer.

Then there is the Instant Upload feature where you can easily upload photos and movies from your mobile device instantly to albums on your Google+ account, shared only with the people you choose.

Watch this short video to get an idea of how Google+ works on your desktop:

Here is a quick demonstration of how Google+ works on Android and soon other mobile devices:

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