Google Voice the small business owners friend?

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Google is set to launch Google Voice any day now and I am chomping at the bit. I really want to test it out so that I can (hopefully) recommend it to my small business clients. First of all, Google Voice is a FREE service!

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice gives you one number that can ring 10 numbers at once or in a specified order, which by itself is a great solution for some small business owners I know. It also has voicemail features and a whole host of advanced features.

What are some of the advanced features?

Call screening, Call recording, voicemail transcripts, manage your voicemail online, personlized voicemail greeting by caller, conference calling, listen in before picking up a message as it is being left… Here is a full list of features of Google Voice.

When will Google Voice be available?

According to their website… any day now! We check it everyday so check back often and we will have some reviews and updates for you when it comes out.