Google’s Matt Cutts Talks About The Future of Search

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My favorite oxymoron has always been, “Anticipatory Retaliation”, a military term that is political in it’s correctness (Keep thinking about it… it makes sense).

Below, Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google explains how SEO’s should not “chase” Google’s algorithm, rather they should chase the user.

Anticipating the consumer buying process and the user experience has always been an important part of creating an effective SEO strategy. However, anticipating only the user wouldn’t give us the full picture would it? Google has to balance the user experience with their need to deliver profits to their shareholders. Certain technologies may provide a great user experience (i.e., Flash), but do not provide the same benefits within Google’s algorithm.

Obviously we can anticipate all day long, but we need to deliver results now… today. Balance is key. Balancing the psychology of the user experience and conversion rates with search engine optimization as well as balancing SEO tactics that work now with tactics that will also work in the future.

OK, I’m off my soap box now!