Marketing is Sales, Psychology, and Sociology, Combined with Delivery

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Marketing is Sales

I want you to start thinking about your marketing the way I do… from your clients perspectives. When you are trying to market to an audience you are clearly trying to sell them on why your service, product, or solution will benefit them. You already know “it is not what you say, but how you say it”. You’ve also probably heard the saying “Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak”, well that is one of the key components in your Sales/Marketing strategy. Your unique selling proposition needs to be clearly communicated in your advertising for it to effectively capture your clients interest and cause them to take action.

Marketing is Psychology

In today’s marketplace we are bombarded with 1,000’s of ads every hour, so how do you disturb each clients complacency, actually get them to take notice to your message and drive them to take action? This is where a hypnotist comes in… Just making sure you haven’t gone into auto reading without actually storing this information.

Understanding your clients goes a long way to designing a more effective message that speaks to the heart of what is important to your client. So, if you haven’t already engaged your target market, now is a great time to reach out and let them know that you care about what they think and what is important in their lives. Once you have gathered the data and analyzed it, build an ad message central to your findings and test it.

Marketing is Sociology

Word of mouth was the social component for so long, but now word of text, video, instant message, email, blogs, reviews and social web sites have become such an important factor in the social aspects of media advertising. Companies have dramatically stepped up the allocation of their advertising budget towards social media. Some have implemented it very well, why others are throwing money down the drain and possibly worsening their public image. Social Media is not an avenue to be taken lightly. If you are going to implement a social media campaign you need to understand that you will be engaging your clients directly, There will undoubtedly be negative comments, it is in how you handle these negative aspects, engage your audience, and how well you listen to your clients that will determine the ultimate success of your campaign.

The Delivery

How important is delivery? Let’s just say that your delivery is the “how you say it” part of your advertising message. It also determines if your unique value proposition is going to be seen, heard or ignored. There was a study done recently of two groups in a restaurant that received two different menus. In one menu the entrees were very simply and straight forwardly described with their ingredients, and prices that were in lower than usual for that style of restaurant. In the other menu each entree was described with words that stimulated the senses like savory, succulent, sizzling,… prices were twice as much as the other menu.

Now the food was cooked by the same chef, but when the food was delivered, the first group recieved a basic plate with little to know garnish, the waiter just set it down and left. The second group’s plates were prepared with presentation in mind that both stimulated the eye and the salivary glands. The waiter delivered the food and made sure everyone had everything they needed.

Both groups were asked to fill out customer satisfaction surveys and as you can guess, though the product was the same in both cases, the group that had the lower priced meals without the presentation rated the meal and the experience as average, while the group that paid twice as much felt that they recieved an exceptional value and rated their experience as highly satisfied! See in both cases the ‘what’ was the same… but it was in the delivery that made a huge difference…. the ‘how you say it’! Delivery is Everything!