SEO 201

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This is a more advanced introduction to Search Engine Optimization. It is important you understand some key terms already that were discussed in SEO 101.

Search Engine Optimization entails improving both on site and off site SEO factors. On site SEO refers to the factors that can be done on your web site to improve your Search Engine Optimization. I am sure you already guessed that off site refers to elements of SEO that are not on your site.


Here are some on site SEO factors:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Quality of content
  • URL structure (making links ‘Search Engine Friendly’)
  • Internal linking and ‘anchor text’
  • Title tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Navigation / Sitemap
  • Optimizing how the search engines crawl your web site

Here are some off site SEO factors:

  • Quality and relevance of sites who link to your site
  • Quantity and relevance of sites who link to your site
  • Anchor text used in backlinks

Search engines are the #1 way buyers find your web site, so it is imperative that your company have a well planned SEO strategy!