Top Tools For PPC Creative Assets 

Although a lot of emphasis is placed on creating the right ad copy for campaign success, it won’t always take you that extra mile. In a space where companies are constantly competing for consumer attention, visual creative assets have become increasingly necessary for optimal campaign performance. 

But not everyone has the time or knowledge to gather or create the right assets that will help push their campaign’s performance. I’ll go through my top tools to easily produce images, graphics and video to utilize for your ad campaigns. 


Reasonably priced, with user-friendly editing elements and a large variety of templates to use, Canva is a great site to create quick and high-quality graphics or edit images that you already have. The ability to create “teams” and invite other users to help edit/create the designs saved in your folder allows for a more collaborative environment. 


Utilizing articles or URLs to gather content, Lumen5’s program reads and creates videos from the provided content, adding professional design templates and quality images/gifs. It also provides the ability to include music or a voiceover. You can even change the formatting for desktop or mobile! My only complaint is the limited variety of style designs, but you can upload your own if need be. 

Google Ads 

Yes, Google Ads has its own option for users. When adding photos to the image extension, you get the option to choose between uploading from your computer or from a social account/website URL. Along with these are free stock images. Instead of worrying about copyrights or image prices, Google offers a huge collection of stock images to use. Although it’s offered, be sure to check that the images comply with Google’s policies.

You don’t have to be a designer or photographer to get the right creative assets for your campaign, you just need the right tools.

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