Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Handing You The Keys to Success

In the 15+ years that I have been meeting with or working for businesses that want a new website, be it the first launch of their dream or their 5th iteration, a redesign… they came to get an effective digital footprint, to be found by the audience they seek to convert into customers, and they wanted growth. They always ask for a website, a logo, search engine visibility but… they needed a digital marketing strategy. 

Your business will struggle to grow or worse, fail if you don’t have a strategy.

Too often, the marketing strategy is left out of the equation and the tactical steps (often in the wrong order) are taken to get a new something (logo, website, store…).

In my 15 years in this industry, I have been a part of launching 1,000’s of websites. Many of them were launched with no marketing strategy in mind. Many of those 1,000+ websites have probably been ‘redesigned’ 5 or more times each if the business is still around today.
(If that resonates, you’re doing quick math right now to understand or imagine what that has already cost in time and money)

When you buy a website, you are not buying a digital marketing strategy; you are buying a home for your strategy, a tactic, a tool. Whether that works for you or not, it’s all grounded in your strategy.

One way or another, a business will have to face the process of developing a strategy if they want to be sustainable and experience exponential growth.

‘The burned hand teaches best. After that, advice about fire goes to the heart’. J. R. R. Tolkien

I have seen the hands of many projects get burned, mine included. When I look back on the percentage of projects that delivered on time, within scope, that grew the business exponentially, the single factor involved in that trifecta was the strategy.

We are here to hold your hand and walk you through the process of creating a digital marketing strategy that supercharges your growth.

We are here to guide your success

I know from years of experience, when you spend precious time and money hiring companies and talent, having your strategy in your tool kit will ensure success, yours and theirs.

Let us save you time and money, you can learn from our experience.

You may be in a position to hire a company to help you with all of this. I want to make sure when you take that step, you have the insight on how to approach your objectives with growth in mind and make sure your potential partner is equally aligned and prepared to develop your strategy for growth.

If you are in the position of not having a budget to hire a person or an agency to help you with this, I want to equip you with some basic skills and insights so you can work on it yourself to secure success. (follow #tbonestips on Webfor Instagram)

In this series on Digital Marketing Strategy you will:

  • learn the process of developing your brand story,
  • understand the steps to create your digital marketing strategy,
  • and align your story to your strategy.

You will:

  • understand the journey a stranger takes to make a decision to contribute to your growth.
  • grow exponentially, and build on that growth.

If you want to cut to the chase and partner with a team of talent that develops and leads with your strategy, get started here to contact Webfor today, we treat your business like it’s our own.