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You’ve already tried the door hangers, flyers, and mailers. So it may be time to start expanding your reach. The best way of doing that is by putting yourself in front of a larger audience. Using door hangers in a neighborhood may give you 20 potential customers. Putting flyers under windshield wipers may give you 50 potential leads. Mailers will reach hundreds of people.

The problem with these “traditional” methods of advertising is you are reaching out to an audience that may not be looking for cleaning services at that time. At best, those paper products are kept by one or two people. At worst, they go directly into the recycling bin.


Save Paper – Go Digital

Think about how many people use the internet to search for anything and everything – including cleaning services. How many times have you gone to Google to find a service or product near you in the past week? More importantly, how many times have you gone looking for a product you didn’t need?

Sure, it might be fun to look up how much a 2020 Audi R8 retails for. But a dual-income family with a couple of kids and a dog will probably spend more time looking for a maid service, house cleaning, or commercial cleaning services. And they’re a lot more likely to buy those services than a (super cool looking) new car.

With how we use the internet today, not having a digital marketing plan means you don’t have a plan to grow your business – or even keep the market share you already have. How you market your business online will go a long way to determining how successful you are. Want to leave digital marketing and cleaning service SEO to the experts? Webfor is happy to assist, we are an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, content strategy, web development, and more.

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Clean The Clocks of the Competition With Content

The cleaning business is a tough market. Not only are you competing with other local cleaning companies, but you need to deal with those national companies in the cleaning industry too. As a small business owner, the best way to grow your cleaning business is to focus on your area.

New to digital marketing? Get yourself a Google My Business (GMB) account today. It’s free and will serve as a welcome mat to potential customers. You can add a short description of the company, including days and hours you’re open, and add questions and answers potential customers almost always have.

All of that is considered content. Content doesn’t have to be 1,200 words on non-toxic cleaners – it can be almost anything about your business. Even those flyers, handouts, and mailers are content. A YouTube video of a rug being power-washed is content. A funny cat meme on your business Facebook page is content.

Content, Content, Everywhere

The key is to make sure that content all gives the same overall message – YOU are the cleaning company of choice in whatever city you’re in. Even the cat meme will help, giving your business a fun, easy to approach personality. Other content marketing strategies include:

Online Reviews: These will appear on your GMB page. Encourage happy customers to leave a positive review for you. When finished with a job, leave behind a postcard with instructions on how to do so. A bunch of five-star Google reviews will go a long way to improving your digital word of mouth.
Email marketing: An introductory message after scheduling a new client, a reminder about upcoming appointments, or even alerts about your services during a national health crisis are all forms of content. Email newsletters keep you in front of clients, just don’t be pushy about it.
Videos: Videos are perhaps the greatest way to achieve your content goals. We refer to this as “Pillar” content – it can be searched, shared, posted on social media, and even leveraged for more website content. Popular with smartphone users, watching a video is much is easier to consume. Professionally done or intentionally “B” grade, videos have the greatest probability of going viral.
Social Media: You may roll your eyes at social media, but many of your clients – and potential clients – can’t get enough. It’s also the fastest way to reach a great number of people. A particularly funny post, or an important bit of information, can be shared and shared again. A well thought out social media marketing strategy can grow your reach exponentially.
Advertising: Most of these suggestions are absolutely free (unless you hire a crew to shoot your videos). Sometimes, however, you’ll need to spend money to make money. Because Google and Facebook rule the world, you may as well take advantage of what they offer.


Almost everything we mentioned above can be done without a website.

The advertising can be directed to a Facebook business page, a LinkedIn page, or even a directory page that has been filled out with tons of information. While a GMB listing will set the hook, a well-designed, easy to navigate website will land a potential customer.

For more than a decade, Webfor has been helping clients build or re-design sites to help them grow their business. Through exceptional UX, outstanding SEO implementation, and captivating content, our clients are able to put their best foot forward when it comes to digital marketing.

Want to learn more about how we can help your business with focused content strategies? Reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for. Webfor will analyze your site, present findings, and make recommendations to help your online presence. Don’t currently have a site? We’ll let you know what you need to get in the digital marketing game.

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