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Press releases are still a great way to promote information about your company, whether you’re announcing a new location, a new CEO, or even touting industry recognition. Where newspapers and trade magazines used to be the only way to get this information out, there have never been more online news outlets than there are today.

But how do you get your message out to these organizations? And more importantly, what will your message say? And who do you send your message to? The news dispersal landscape has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Webfor knows how to get the right message in front of the right people.

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Press Releases

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Content Creation

Press releases are primarily sent to newspapers and similar periodicals, although industry websites are quickly becoming a bigger part of the landscape. One thing they all have in common is a lack of time. They are constantly being bombarded with public relations missives, and they simply don’t have the time to read through each release.

Webfor writes concise copy that gets the important information upfront while adding additional information later on. Our press releases are designed to make it into publication, not the trash can. We make it easy to give these publications the information they want along with ways to contact you if they want more.

Focused Outreach

Unless you have locations throughout the nation, blanketing thousands of publications nationwide doesn’t make a lot of sense. At best, you’ll be seen as an annoyance. At worst, you could get flagged as spam. Webfor will work from a specific list centered on your industry as well as local outlets that may have an interest in your information.

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We certainly can’t promise every press release will make it into print (or online), but we will track which outlets are interested in your story. With follow-up emails or even phone calls, we’ll make sure they have everything they need to put your news in front of their readers.

Part of a good PR strategy also involves maximizing SEO value. The best way to do this is to create something of value that publishers will want to link to. A backlink is a valuable piece of any SEO strategy and can increase your profile in the eyes of Google. This isn’t always possible, but it’s one more way Webfor works to get the most value for you.

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Through an understanding of your industry and your place in it, Webfor creates press releases that are designed to get read and acted upon. They are an ideal way to get yourself in front of people who may not otherwise know about your products or services.

Along with search engine optimization, user experience, web design, and social media expertise, press releases are part of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy from Webfor.

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