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Download the Customer Centric Digital Marketing Strategy WORKSHEET

About our Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Strategy Worksheet

The only constant in digital marketing is change and with the exhaustive list of channels, tactics, platforms, tools & techniques, trying to go into battle without a solid strategy is a death wish. Yet, so many businesses are doing this every day. Are you leaving money on the table?

A look inside the Customer-Centric Digital Strategy Worksheet:

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Introduction: What is a customer Centric Strategy? Introduction to the 5WH framework.
Who: Who is our ideal customer?
Why: Why are we doing this (objectives/opportunities)?
When: When will we achieve our goals?
What: What KPI’s will we measure to tell us if we’re heading in the right direction?
Where: Where are we now? Where to we want to be?
How: How are we going to achieve our objective?
Visualize Your Strategy: A simple, but powerful strategy visualization technique
Resources: Powerful tools & resources to help you along the way

Benefits of the Digital Marketing Strategy Worksheet include:

  • Providing a simple framework for developing a successful marketing strategy
  • While the focus is on digital this can be applied to a comprehensive integrated omni-channel strategy
  • Critical strategies for creating a successful “customer-centric” marketing plan
  • How to represent your strategy in a visual format for clearer direction, to be able to get buy-in as well as keep teams focused and aligned.
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