Jason Wright

Jason Wright

Partner, President and Director of Creative

Hello there! It’s my pleasure to digitally meet you. I should introduce myself…

My name is Jason Wright and I’m the kind of guy that’s pretty good at a lot of things and it’s probably because I have over 20 years of experience in the digital and multimedia landscapes.

That includes a lot of things like:

  • Development and programming.
  • Feature and short film production.
  • Web design and other online creative.
  • Print collateral and various materials.
  • Full-blown digital strategy from SEO to CRO.

I’m super efficient and take pride in developing repeatable processes, it comes second nature. Ultimately, I want to make sure you and the Webfor team have a great experience.

With two degrees from Clark College, I possess the skills and knowledge to deliver fast and accurate project work ranging from video production to UX/UI design.

When I’m not working, I’m putting in the work. I study pop culture, social trends, design techniques, and video production best practices. I also have a few Producer credits to my name. For fun, I build legos, play video games, hang out with my family and catch the latest movie releases. Oh, and I birdwatch too.

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