NW Sign Solutions Case Study

Strategy and Approach

Improving customer messaging to ultimately increase new opportunities.

Although a site refresh should take place every year or two, the events of 2020 made having a strong online presence all the more important. With more and more conducting business from home, a website with the right messaging became the primary mode of reaching their customers.

Northwest Sign Solutions was no different in that regard. It was important for them to be in front of potential customers with clear primary messaging on their site. With a Unique Value Proposition, we were able to focus on the needs of the customer and present that message on their site.

Unique Value Proposition

Reacquaint yourself with your clients.

The Unique Value Proposition (UVP) details what an organization offers that others don’t. It’s similar to an elevator pitch. It’s finding out what your customers need, what they want, and how to present that information to them. It’s a deep dive into the emotions of your customers and what sets you apart from the competition.

That messaging is strategically placed throughout the site, from the Hero section at the top of the home page to the content on the site to the calls to action. What you can do for your clients is presented clearly at the start and throughout their experience on the website.

The UVP Process

Establishing the value and experience you offer.

After explaining the psychology behind the UVP, we had a conversation with Northwest Sign Solutions. The discussion centered on customer pain points and how Northwest Sign Solutions provided the, well, solutions. We brainstorm with the client and then internally to put together a concise statement.

This is an “elevator pitch” of sorts, developed to reach Northwest Sign Solutions customers. We clearly established how and why they differ from their competitors or from other organizations in general. After a review period, it was time to test their unique value proposition.

Putting the UVP to the Test

Making sure the messaging resonates with potential consumers.

Once we had an approved UVP and corresponding primary messaging, Webfor still wanted to make sure it would have the desired effect. Before any changes are made to a website, it’s important to run A/B testing. It’s the last step before implementing the new messaging, hero imaging, and even call to action buttons.

The new messaging was shown to half of the users while the original messaging was shown to the other half. How the testing audience reacted to the difference went a long way to ensuring the updates will be well received, leading to increased conversions.

UVP Success

The process produced the desired results
The work to truly understand the Northwest Sign Solutions customer paid off. The updated primary messaging easily outperformed the old messaging and leads more than doubled growing by 157%.

While it can take some time to develop a new marketing strategy, you want to make sure you do it the right way. With the unique value proposition, review process, and testing, Webfor was able to increase the conversion rate for Northwest Sign Solutions.

Webfor can do the same for you. Whether you’re an existing customer or looking for help with your online marketing strategy, our UVP process will help you discover what your customers really want and how you can reach them directly.

157%Increase of new conversions due to UVP efforts.

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