Triad Machinery Case Study

Strategy and Approach

Creating a good looking brand takes strategy, design-thinking and an open mind.

The purpose of a brand book is to bring all logos, colors, fonts, and other design elements of a company “brand” together in one place. This guide should be used across all print and digital marketing pieces as well as correspondence within the company, with clients, and partners, vendors, and other entities.

These guidelines should be specific as to when, where, and how the branding can be used as well as how it should NOT be used. This may include attempts to change the colors, typeface, dimensions, and so forth. It may also include how it should appear on backgrounds or SWAG. After all, why create a brand book if you’re not going to stick to the brand?

The importance of branding

Making a great first, and lasting, impression.

First and foremost, you don’t want to confuse clients or future customers with a collection of unrelated branding. If the logo on your website doesn’t match a business card or an invoice doesn’t match marketing materials, it could make you appear disorganized without attention to detail.

Triad Machinery’s Brand Book

With a logo in place, other messaging needed to be integrated

Although the Triad Machinery logo had already been established, there wasn’t a lot of cohesiveness with the rest of their marketing materials. Unsure of the next steps, they asked Webfor to take the lead in updating the logo and then create and incorporate additional messaging.

During the recommendation meeting with Triad, they realized they were very inconsistent when it came to their branding materials. Either when or where to use their logo and how it should be used properly. The Webfor Brand Book product was the ideal solution, not just for their site but their marketing in general.

The Branding Begins

Creating the look, feel, and message of a company.

As an industrial organization (they sell, rent, service, and repair cranes, excavation equipment, and forestry machinery), we wanted to make sure their brand reflected a certain strength. We focused on shapes, images, and “calculated” content developing their brand messaging.

Triad Machinery emphasized how important relationships are to them, with their clients, partners, and employees within the company. They were just unsure about the best way to communicate that feeling throughout their marketing materials. Webfor developed those values and fused them with the other assets.

We also touched on how the logo should be used with other creatives. It can be pretty easy to spot “staged” or stock imagery in marketing materials. To improve the authenticity of their marketing efforts, we included a section about what kind of photography to use. Realistic, relevant, and professional instead of forced, fake, and doctored.

The Results

Triad Machinery was happy with the final result. Unlike other aspects of digital marketing where data, stats, and other information can be analyzed to reveal results, branding depends a lot on reception. It’s about understanding the client at a deep level so that you deliver an asset that makes them feel good and excited to move forward.

The main goal is to make a room of people feel the same way. Something that feels professional, complete, and detailed is what Webfor is always striving for.

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