ZoomInfo + DiscoverOrg Case Study

Strategy and Approach

Learn how we helped ZoomInfo (formerly DiscoverOrg) increase their organic traffic by over 400%!”

ZoomInfo, formerly DiscoverOrg, works with business-to-business companies to help find, get in front of, and sell to their ideal customers. They do this by analyzing marketplace data and creating a marketing strategy for their clients. Their mission is to “give sales and marketing professionals access to more data coverage, deeper insights, and a portfolio of features and solutions to power their go-to-market strategies.”

With Webfor, they hoped to essentially do the same thing for themselves. After thoroughly evaluating their site, we were able to identify needed on- and off-site search engine optimization  (SEO) services, give prioritized recommendations, and provide implementation support. Through increased organic search, ZoomInfo would improve its search rankings and conversion growth.

Webfor SEO and marketing project gave ZoomInfo a 1,438% in page 1 keyword rankings

Webfor SEO and marketing project resulted in 114% increase in conversions for ZoomInfo year over year

AMA PDX MAX Awards - Webfor won best SEO campaign

SEO Campaign of the Year - American Marketing Association Logo

Webfor and ZoomInfo. An Award-Winning Partnership.

Our collaborative efforts earned national recognition

SEO Strategy Planning & Execution

A big job that became much bigger shortly after work had begun

David Sowards and Kevin Getch from Webfor accepting AMA Awards from ZoomInfo project
Kevin Getch accepting the AMA award on behalf of the team.

Webfor marketing and SEO project gave ZoomInfo 464% increase in organic traffic year over year

The Final Result

When it comes to a site migration or any size, the key is to retain as much of the keyword, traffic, and conversion success that had already been achieved. Through careful planning, laser-focused project management, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, ZoomInfo not only held steady, but those key performance indicators actually increased.

The year following our partnership, ZoomInfo saw tremendous increases in its web metrics and overall growth. The seamless integration of the two sites, SEO upgrades, and efficient implementation registered unlikely, if not unexpected, results:

• Organic Traffic Increase: 464%
• Conversion Percentage: 114%
• Page One Keyword Ranking Increase: 1,438%

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Watch The Official Results Breakdown

Kevin Getch presents the partnership and results

Listen or watch as Kevin Getch explains Webfor’s partnership with DiscoverOrg/ZoomInfo and the incredible results gained from our time together.

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