The 2 Most Important Factors for Your Sites SEO

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If you were going to do just two things to improve your sites ranking in the search engines what would they be?

With the multitude of factors that influence your sites SEO, narrowing them down to just two techniques isn’t realistic, however, I am going to share with you in what my opinion would be the first two steps that you should take to improve your sites SEO.


Title Tag

I want you to think of the title tag of your web page like the title of a book. If you go into a library and ask for a book about internet marketing the librarian will put in these keywords (just like they would in a search engine), and 100’s of book titles will come up with the words ‘internet marketing’ in them. The title tag of your web page is a heavily weighted factor for search engines because they look at it just as the librarian does that if the title of your page is internet marketing it must be about internet marketing. So, place the targeted search term or phrase in the title tag of the web page’s HTML header

Anchor Text in Inbound Links

Anchor text of the inbound links to your site is one of the most concise assessments a search engine bot or user can make regarding what your site is all about. It is a bad SEO practice to generate links that have no or irrelevant anchor text. Now, there will be times when this cannot be avoided, but when at all possible one should put the keywords they are targeting in the anchor text of any inbound links.

Once you have done this wait about two weeks and check to see if you rankings have improved on the search engines. If they haven’t improved for the keywords you are targeting than it is because your site may have issues preventing the search engines from crawling and indexing your site. You should have a Google webmasters account to see how goole sees your site and if there are any issues with crawling it. I hope this helps!