5 Must have WordPress Plugins

We all know that WordPress has many plugins in its arsenal. When you look for a particular plugin, you will have many options developed by different groups of great developers. Each of those plugins in general will have the same main function, but each plugin will have different additional features. When you find that right plug in with the right features you will go ahead and install it and learn how to use it. As a developer I have used WordPress for many years and used many plugins. Here are some great suggestions for 5 must have WordPress plugins that you need on your website.

What are the must have WordPress Plugins?

I have taken my time and specially crafted a list of 5 plugins that I recommend you add to your list. Some of these plugins I use a lot on a day to day basis and some of these plugins can be used as a great method to get a task done quicker. Keep in mind the list is in no particular order.

1. Wordfence

This plugin is a life saver, if your website ever gets hijacked this plugin is your go to. This plugin has the ability to scan your site for malicious code. Hackers can create extremely creative ways to upload a file and gain access to your website. They’ll write code that is not completely understandable or write the code in Unicode to achieve their goal. This is where Wordfence steps in to find these files and for you to remove them.

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2. File Manager

This plugin is amazing for what it does, if you want to do a quick upload or delete files from your site without the hassle of opening a FTP client. This plugin is great for that. Also this plugin works great beside other plugins especially plugins like Wordfence.

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3. WPS Hide Login

Little did you know one of the areas where hackers try to get into your site is by using the default login URL. With this plugin you can stop brute force login attempts on your site. This plugin will change the default login URL to whatever you want it to be. But, you have to make sure you remember your new URL and also you might lose compatibility with other certain services that rely on the default log in. Third party software like Flywheel or GoDaddy’s new Pro UI.

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4. Gravity Forms

If you want to create quick forms for your site this is a great plugin for that. This plugin is so versatile it has its own plugin. The ability this Gravity Forms has is amazing. You can download the stripe plug in that was made for Gravity Forms and sell items or digital goods with it. In the back end it keeps a copy of all of the entries, submitted to any form.

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5. HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

This plugin takes the text portion of the classic editor and gives it an IDE look and functionality. This is great if you’re a developer like me. This will make code easier to read and write. You have the ability to change the IDE colors and additional settings like tab indentation.

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Overall these plugins are great and unique on different levels. I hope you find a new plugin that will be super useful for your day to day use. I use these plugins pretty frequently and I found them to be very useful to complete and protect websites. Want to learn more about what we do? Webfor specializes in custom WordPress web development and more. Contact us to learn about how we can help your business grow its reach and create a website that aligns with your brand.