How to Set up a Google+ Page for a Business

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If Google is going to make a serious run at competing with Facebook in the social media realm, they need to take them on in all major facets. That includes how businesses interact and market themselves, not just how people can catch up with and connect with their friends.

Along those lines, Google has taken the next step by finally making its Google+ Pages available worldwide this week. Now businesses can exploit Google+. Whether or not you need to or should create a page is a debate for another time. In fact, at the risk of getting off track, I think Frank Reed over at Marketing Pilgrim makes a salient point about how people are rushing to be the first to say they know it all about Google+ Pages. He also includes a video of one of my favorite comedians, Louis CK, talking about his views of how obsessed we are with technology (both worth a read and a watch).

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As Reed points out, many people are already spouting off with didactic pronouncements about what is right or wrong with Google+ Pages. Let’s take a little time to explore it for ourselves, have some firsthand experience, then go from there.

In the meantime, if you already know this is something that will benefit your business, here is the process of setting up a Google+ Page:

1. Once you log into your Google business account and get to the page to start creating your Google+ Page, choose your organizational type from four categories. You can also select “Other” if none of those apply to your business. If you are a local-style business, meaning you cater to local citizens (restaurants, hotels, etc.), be sure to pick the local option. One the reasons being is you can take advantage of the “check ins” feature, such as on Facebook, which allows users to share with friends where they are.

2. Enter some basic information about your company and decide on an age limit for viewing content. Agree to the terms and conditions, then click “Create.”

3. From here you begin to customize your page. Create a tagline for what you are all about and add pictures.

4. Click “Finish” and you’re done.

Of course there are all the other bells and whistles to consider, such as adding a badge to your company website so people can find your Google+ Page. You can also add a +1 button to your page so visitors can recommend your site and share it on Google+.

After you finish, you are directed to your Google+ Page and given ideas on how to start sharing information.