The Best Time to Publish Your Blog

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bloggingWhile it’s not exactly fair to say that timing is everything in successful blogging, it plays a significant role. An infographic from the folks at KISSmetrics gives a breakdown on the subject. What it reveals is that different times of the day can give different kinds of benefits.

Here is a selection of some of the interesting data from the infographic, given in Eastern Time (EST):

– 70 percent of blog readers say they do mostly of their reading in the morning.
– The average blog gets the highest traffic rate at about 11 a.m.
– Are your customers mostly men? Nearly 60 percent of men say they read blogs at night, but only about 40 percent of women do the same.
– Monday is the best traffic day for blogs.

KISSmetrics’ infographic is a third installment from a series of called “The Science of Social Timing.” In their first installment, they examine the best times to post to Twitter and Facebook, and the second part was about the ideal timing for email marketing.

While benefits vary with time, the general rule of thumb is morning distribution. This is pretty much an accepted rule in the industry. That said, the exact time for publishing blogs, emails, tweets and Facebook updates should always be determined by firsthand analysis. There are enough variables in the audience behavior from one industry or business to the next that one size does not fit all. However, if you have yet to give timing much thought yet, maybe use these findings as a launching point and experiment and tweak timing to see what works best for you and your business.

Here is the infographic in full:

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