Open SESME! 3 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Content Marketing (SlideShow)

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The digital era has caused marketers to change their entire approach when it comes to communicating with consumers. Today, most people would prefer to base their buying decisions off of a few helpful articles or the word of a friend rather than a straight-and-dirty advertisement. People feel closer to your brand when reading your content, and it makes them feel confident about their choices.

Contrary to traditional means of marketing communication is the incredible finesse that is required to reach consumers online in a positive way. Most people use the internet to solve problems and be entertained, so they often see online marketing campaigns as interruptions. Therefore, when sharing your content, it’s more important than ever to communicate your message without selling. People don’t want to be pitched anymore, they just want relevant, useful information that makes them smarter consumers. In truth, as the Math Men would say, “consumers are coming to expect nothing less than personal relevance.” If you can offer that consistently, they will reward you with their loyalty.

So, how can you position your online content in a way that doesn’t bother your target audience, but intrigues them? How do you unlock the door to this mystical land where marketing is no longer B2C but peer to peer? With the tips you’ll find in our content marketing slideshow, it’s as easy as saying “Open SESME!” (Okay, okay, we know that’s not how you spell sesame, just humor us.) Clicking through these slides will be like discovering a cave full of treasure in the desert! You’ll find a few gems to use in your social media strategy, stumble upon piles of SEO gold, and learn email marketing tactics that will bring customers to your Website on a magic carpet….(ya that’s Aladdin, but whatever.)  Alright, enough analogizing…let’s jump in!

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