Webfor Receives Best SEO Campaign of the Year Award from American Marketing Association

Webfor Wins AMA Max Awards

We have some very exciting news to share! Webfor has won the Best SEO Campaign of 2018 from the American Marketing Association for its work with DiscoverOrg!

Webfor Team Receives Award
Webfor Team Accepting Best SEO Campaign of the Year Award from American Marketing Association

First, this is an incredible honor that is shared by everyone at Webfor and DiscoverOrg. For a project of this scale to be successful, it requires amazing teamwork, a clear objective, high levels of expertise, proper planning, and clear communication. Want to see the results of a winning SEO campaign? Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

The Measurable Results Highlights

In the time since Webfor and DiscoverOrg teamed up, organic traffic increased by:

The percent of conversions improved over the previous year by (more than doubling the previous years conversions):

The number of keywords with a page one ranking of search results grew:

The Delivery Team

It took an integrated team of agency side folks along with in-house experts to achieve results of this scale. The following individuals made enormous contributions to the success of this campaign:


  • Kevin Getch, Founder & Director of Digital Strategy
  • Jason Wright, Chief Operations Officer
  • Drew Fisher, Lead Account Manager
  • Jackie Clark, SEO Specialist
  • Megan Davis, SEO Specialist


  • Preston Zeller, Director of Digital Marketing
  • DeAnn Poe, Vice President Demand Generation

The Objective, Strategy & Execution of the Project

This was a complex SEO campaign that involved technical on-site SEO, content/data analysis, and migration of around 2.3 million pages that achieved an exceptional improvement in organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversions.

Best Laid Plans
The initial objective was to analyze discoverorg.com, provide consulting, and make recommendations for their internal team. These changes would be implemented with the goal of increasing organic traffic, rankings, and conversions. However, the project quickly morphed due to internal staffing changes as well as DiscoverOrg announcing the acquisition of RainKing, one of their largest competitors.

The RainKing website hade more than 2 million URLs that needed to be brought under the DiscoverOrg brand. Webfor was tasked with analyzing the site, providing consultation, and implementing some of the migration.

The target audience: B2B sales and marketing professionals looking to accelerate growth through accurate and actionable buying intelligence data. This information would be used to find, connect with, and sell to targeted buyers more effectively.

The strategy: Analyze on and off-site SEO factors as well as provide prioritized recommendations to the DiscoverOrg team based on what would have the most impact and support implementation. The plan was to increase organic traffic, improve search rankings, and ultimately grow the number of conversions for DiscoverOrg.com.


We took a multi-phase approach to review the newly acquired RainKingOnline.com website and it’s over 2 million pages. Uing qualitative and quantitative factors, we recommended which content should be migrated, merged, or redirected as well as supporting the implementation of the migrated content and redirects.

In order to achieve our very lofty goals in an effective and efficient way, we developed an internal delivery team, a Gantt chart to provide clarity on responsibilities and deadlines for both parties, and a priority action plan with a prioritized list of our tasks and recommendations.

The site migration was broken down into sections and we narrowed the pages to focus on. We did this by merging traffic data, conversions, external links, social metrics, and a number of other factors.


Generally speaking, when you’re working on a site transition your main goal is to minimize losses. You’re trying to make sure the site doesn’t lose traffic, keyword rankings, or, most importantly, conversions.

To have not only avoided those losses, but to have achieved such exceptional improvements is a testament to the teams and teamwork that was involved in this process.

Award Winning SEO Company
Our award is now being protected by Earth’s greatest hero’s!

We worked incredibly hard to ensure DiscoverOrg could maximize results during and after the acquisition of RainKing. We are the best at what we do and this award is a great recognition of all the hard work and passion we put into everything we do. It means the world to us that the work we do has a positive ripple effect for our clients and our community.