SEO Value: How to demonstrate the value of your work

Demonstrating SEO Value

As a consumer, we’re always looking for value. That 50 percent off tag when shopping for clothes, two-for-one deals at restaurants, or even spending a little bit more on a self-propelled lawnmower that’s easier to operate. That’s tangible value we immediately take advantage of.

Demonstrating SEO Value is a little different. You may not see the savings, improvements, or advantages of SEO right away. But there are certainly identifiable ways to prove it’s worth.

Demonstrating Value

One of Webfor’s marketing mantras is value. If you’re not providing measurable value for clients, then what are you providing? Value is what we promise and it’s a promise we deliver.

At Webfor, demonstrating that value is one of the paramount lessons I’ve learned about providing world-class digital marketing and SEO services to clients.

Ripple Effect at WebforOften times, value and measurable results are presented in our reporting. Monthly Marketing Reports are presented to clients by Webfor’s dedicated, knowledgeable, and transparent (three of Webfor’s seven Core Values) Account Managers.

Other times, I’m personally accountable for producing documentation for clients. The recommendations docs I produce are approved by Webfor’s Director of Digital Strategy, Kevin Getch. Then it’s my job to present the information–persuasively–to a CEO and/or development team we’ve been contracted to consult with.

The ripple effect (Webfor Core Value) can be immense. One recommendation can produce additional workload for the development team that already has a demanding workload. And now they gotta deal with Mr. SEO guy’s request.

What, Why, and How

To persuasively appeal to the senses of a CEO of a large company, and their marketing team, I present the what, why, and how.

What is the SEO issue or problem discovered?

Why is the SEO recommendation important and what is the inherent value? The value is the linchpin and it should address or explain:

  • A pain point.
  • The negative impact the issue can have on their digital marketing strategy and efforts.
  • The potential positive outcome when the issue is resolved such as increased web traffic, conversions and increased SERPs.

How to implement the SEO recommendations, including:SEO Solutions

  • Detailed instructions.
  • Resources such as supporting documentation, help articles and examples.
  • Follow up and collaboration

The latter lets the client know they’re not on their own. Webfor is always empathetic (a Webfor Core Value) about our clients. It’s part of Webfor’s Unique Value Proposition to help clients execute their digital marketing strategies efficiently and effectively. We treat your business like it’s our own.

What comes next?

SEO audit tools and developing documentation to demonstrate SEO Value

In a follow-up blog post, I’ll present SEO Reporting: What to include in a Technical SEO Report.

The Webfor digital marketing team works hard to deliver value to all its clients. We’re persistent in our passion to produce innovative solutions. And we have fun in doing so along the way (the last two Webfor Core Values).

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