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At Webfor, we like to say that we’re “nerds who found their niche.” Each and every member of the team brings a specific skill set — often more than one specific skill set — to the work they do on behalf of Webfor’s clients.

One of the most widely shared of all the nerd niches is CRO, which we’ve written about extensively elsewhere on the Webfor website. To recap: CRO (conversion rate optimization) is a valuable tool — actually: a suite of valuable tools — that involve a combination of interpretive analytics and user feedback that helps improve the user experience (UX). Venture Harbour has a good blog post on CRO strategies that we recommend you read. In it, they argue (rightly) that CRO simply means “understanding what users are looking for when they arrive at your site and giving it to them.”

Small business owners, big business owners, entrepreneurs, franchise owners and other people hoping to grow their business should think of website visitors as guests in their shops: Invite them in, make them feel comfortable, give them precisely what they want, and invite them to come back again — and again and again.

Search engine marketing (SEM) involves a variety of disciplines and initiatives, all of which are geared toward providing a welcoming experience to web browsers. The aforementioned CRO strategies are a big part of what takes place behind the scenes. But if we extend the shop metaphor just a bit more, we’ll see that there are other powerful tools at work.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC), sometimes referred to as cost-per-click (CPC), is a digital advertising model employed by publishers to direct internet traffic to websites whenever users click an ad.

That’s a good nutshell definition of what constitutes a major portion of paid advertising online. PPC is a highly cost-effective way to boost online sales. Coordinated with a campaign of precision tracking, data analysis, and local search strategies, advertisers are able to target customers who are ready to purchase your products or services.

It’s as if a mass of shoppers suddenly appeared at your business’ front door with wads of cash in their hands — excited and ready to spend that cash on exactly what it is you’re selling!

We monitor PPC campaigns and alter key factors for you.

PPC is especially effective at attracting new customers who are also ready to buy your product or service. With PPC, advertisers can not only increase sales but target potential customers who are already on the lookout for your kind of product or service.

To effectively capture your potential customer’s business, your ad message must quickly register and resonate with your target buyers. That can be a challenge, because search engines, the consumers who use them daily and your competitors are constantly evolving.

How PPC can work for your business.

If you’re having difficulties promoting your product online and getting visitors to convert once they arrive at your website, you may be wondering what’s holding things back. Once a PPC campaign has guided visitors to your website, you’ll need smart, elegant page designs and quality, actionable content in order to keep them there and, most importantly, to keep them converting.

As your personal digital marketing agency, Webfor will put all this together for you in a package of services that will drive traffic and lead to consistent and increasing conversions. We’ll design sharp and effective PPC landing pages that will encourage your website’s visitors to engage with your product or service, and we’ll tie it all together with quality content informed by data.

Truth is, the tricks of the trade are basically the same, whether your potential customers are considering clicking one of your PPC ads or if they’re already at your website looking to convert. Bottom line: You’ll need to tell them why they need your product or service and how you differ from your competitors.


Paid advertising gives you a head start. You’ll get noticed — from Google to Facebook and everywhere in between. Social media advertising is especially effective at targeting specific audiences based on a wide range of factors: demographics, location, interests, gender, and more.

How Webfor creates successful PPC campaigns.


One of the first and most critical steps in PPC marketing is keyword research. Webfor will analyze and uncover search keywords that make the most sense for your specific business and will use them in a way that drives targeted, motivated, and qualified traffic to your website. (These are the shoppers who appear at your door with wads of cash in their hands.)

Webfor will also conduct extensive keyword research in order to remain on top of changes within search engine optimization best practices. We’ll then implement our strategies, leading wonderfully, inevitably, to an increase in your business’ online presence and relevance — and to a continuously improving return on investment (ROI).

Laptop screen with mouse showcasing PPC capmaign


The distinct paid marketing and PPC strategies employed by Webfor’s niche nerds will establish goals for lead generation and volume, cost-per-acquisition, and geo-targeting. We’ll even determine the best days and times of the day or night to target potential customers — right down to the second — and optimize the user’s experience based on their specific operating system.


Creating and implementing your PPC campaigns is one of the most rewarding parts of the job for us here at Webfor. Search engines (and users) require a synergy between keywords, ad copy, and the landing page content in order for our clients to reap the benefits and rewards of an optimized paid advertising experience. Our experienced search marketing professionals are experts at creating relevant ad copy that will capture your target customer’s attention — and keep it laser-focused on your brand and the products and services you sell under that branding banner.


Webfor will keep its thumb on the pulse of your business’ digital marketing efforts. We will analyze — and then re-analyze — the effectiveness of PPC campaigns by tracking visitors and how they interact with your site. This allows our team to monitor, tweak and strengthen our marketing initiatives. (It’s like having an onboard technician-slash-mechanic who tweaks the engine for peak performance while you’re already racing down the highway.) Webfor’s data experts help our team make the best and most informed decisions on your behalf. What that means for our clients: increased engagement and conversions, decreased bounce rates (the number of people who leave the site without converting), and — again — an improving ROI.


Webfor’s search marketing experts consistently monitor and adjust PPC programs to maximize returns in successful campaign areas, while re-allocating budget away from underperforming keywords and phrases. In other words, we’ll fine tune our efforts as we go, so that your business remains on top.

Webfor grows businesses. Everything we do is geared toward helping local businesses succeed through our friendly, personable and rigorously engaged suite of digital marketing services. And the word is out. That’s why Webfor has been honored multiple times with the Vancouver Business Journal’s Best in Business Award.

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