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What is Google Ads Services?

If you’re going to spend money on advertising, your campaigns should be highly effective, efficient, and produce a positive return on investment.

To grab the attention of your target audience, your ad copy must be smart, snappy, and to the point. Webfor creates ad copy that quickly addresses customer needs. We want your budget to be cost-effective, so we can heavily target a single search term or diversify your message to reach a larger audience.

Webfor understands consumer tastes can change direction at a moment’s notice. If an ad campaign isn’t performing as it should, we’re quick to change tactics. We analyze the results, discuss options, and provide complete transparency with our work. We strive for the best possible return on your investment.


Services We Provide

Paid Advertising

Effective PPC tactics that grow brand awareness and drive conversions.

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Google PPC

Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google platforms.

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Re-engage existing customers using media platforms.

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Social Advertising

Boosting social media posts and advertising products.

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How do our Vancouver WA Google Ads services drive traffic to your website?

A well-crafted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign will bring more visitors to your site, but that’s just half the battle. Almost all website traffic is good, but Webfor delivers traffic that is ready to act. After the PPC ad work has been done, Webfor creates the content that seals the deal.

It’s simply not enough to get interested parties to your website. If your paid ad references a particular product, it does no good to direct potential sales to the home page. Webfor builds landing pages specifically designed to support your ads. It’s an additional step that helps turn “maybe” into “sold.”

With campaigns that pique their interest, content that solidifies their choice, and calls to action that make it easy for them to reach you, you’ll see your conversion rates grow. As your PPC management company, Webfor will help move your inventory or fill up your service schedule.

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Webfor’s winning process for creating Google PPC campaigns

There are various types of ad campaigns we can develop and launch to reach your audience where they’re at in their buying journey. Different ad types have different purposes and goals. If you’re targeting high-intent traffic (people looking for what you offer and who are ready to convert), you’ll likely utilize high-intent (transactional) keyword-based search campaigns.

If you have a higher average sale value and want to stay in front of your audience throughout the customer journey, we may recommend utilizing a remarketing campaign. Maybe, you’re looking to fill the top of the funnel and create more awareness among a specific audience. In that case, we might recommend developing a digital prospecting campaign based on your current customer audience.

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Paid advertising gives you a head start. You’ll get noticed — from Google to Facebook and everywhere in between. Social media advertising is especially effective at targeting specific audiences based on a wide range of factors: demographics, location, interests, sex, and more.


We know what your customers are looking for.

While it’s important to consider all search engines, Google is used for more than 90% of the world’s searches. Our PPC specialists have been Google Adwords-certified and will manage your Google Ads account as if it were their own. Furthermore, Webfor keyword research is designed to put you in front of people that need your products or services.

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