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Remarketing Services

Remarketing Services gets you in front of the people that are looking for you.

The object of any marketing plan or advertising campaign is to get your name in front of as many people as possible. Even if marketing isn’t your forte, as a business owner you know there are many, many ways of doing this.

While there may be a place for old media advertising in your industry, an online strategy is much more precise. Think of it like this: A billboard along the freeway is going to be seen by thousands of people on any given day. But how many of them are in the market for what you offer?

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Speak to Your Customer With PPC Remarketing.

Make the most of your marketing

Imagine placing that billboard only in the front yard of those who are looking for you, visit your site, or are even an existing customer. These are the people that are already interested in what you offer and are ready for more. Remarketing is a great way to give it to them.

Remarketing is the ability to put yourself in front of those that have already shown an interest in your product. Let’s say you look at a pair of Nike Air Force 1s online but choose not to purchase them. Then, in the coming days or weeks, you see those same Air Force 1s everywhere you go. That’s remarketing in a nutshell.

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How Can Remarketing Services Help My Paid Ads Campaigns?

You already know what your customers want

Remarketing campaigns are a way to reach people who visited your website that did not convert in an effort to get them to convert, or who did convert and may be interested in other products or services. It provides a great way to expand brand awareness and general visibility as well as turning non-converters into converters over time.

At Webfor, we create remarketing lists based on specific actions taken (or not taken) by the target audience on your website. We then deliver targeted display ads to people on other websites or apps as they peruse the internet. Our Paid Advertising team continually monitors and optimizes the campaigns’ targeting and creative like ad copy, images, and videos.

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Watch Conversions Rise with Remarketing.

Abandoned shopping carts become a thing of the past

With a dynamic remarketing audience list, you can remind customers to finish their purchases, send targeted ads that link to other product pages, or remind them of upcoming services they may need. When we set up remarketing campaigns in the Google display network, we can control how often and when your ads are seen.

There’s an old marketing adage that says finding a new customer can be five times as expensive as keeping an existing customer. Through remarketing, you’ll reach nothing but existing customers and increase their spending several times over. Want to make the most of the relationships you already have? Webfor can show you how.

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