Renae Erickson

Renae Erickson

Office Manager and HR Administration

Hi, I’m Renae and I joined the Webfor team beginning of 2020. I grew up in PNW, to be exact in a small town called La Center, Washington and absolutely love it here. I also visit close family members in Las Vegas, Nevada since the age of 9 yrs young. So, it’s been a pretty cool experience having the opportunity to have the country and big city feel growing up.

I enjoy working with the public and have over 15 years of experience in customer service. In my past, I have worked in several different types of industries, had the opportunity to meet and work with amazingly talented individuals. I truly enjoy working in an office setting like an office manager role having the passion of being able to help and build relationships with our customers.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my 2 beautiful daughters and our family dog, Buddy “Bubs”. I love relaxing at home binge-watching a good Netflix show or movie, playing video games and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals from the husband. I love getting together with family and creating fun memories!

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