Jorge’s Mexican Restaurants Case Study

Strategy and Approach

Aggressive social media to boost patrons.

We worked with Jorge’s Mexican Restaurant’s on an aggressive social media campaign spread across 4-6 months, 3 channels for each of their three restaurants (at the time). This included 100s of posts, unique commentary, graphics and more.

After several rounds of interviews, we made a concentrated effort on producing graphics for the various channels. Our mission was to grow brand awareness as best we could primarily through Instagram. We spent time generating hashtags and marketing tactics to help drive real results. Bottom line, it worked.

This campaign was all inclusive meaning we not only produced social posts, we also went on location and took photos of food, drinks, the locations and more. This gave us the fuel we needed to execute an effective campaign.

316+The number of new followers on social profiles.
8The number of platforms we managed.

Photos Taken for Social

Here are just some of the photos we took to support the marketing campaign. Over the course of our campaign, we went on-site 5 times and collected over 1,000 photos.


5,509The number of new likes on social posts.
392The amount of graphics and content produced.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

The numbers came as posts continued. Consistency and uniqueness were the driving factors in terms of building real results. You can see the growth of activity via the charts above.

We created the hashtags #tacotuesday and #maragaritamonday. These tags were then promoted inside each restaurant. The result was an explosion of activity and business results. The hashtag became a trend and slower days/nights became busier simply due to the innovation and strategies around bring more people to their locations on slower days.

Creating interesting content that speaks to the user is how you turn a regular post into one that has lasting impact. We think outside the box and look for opportunities to grow your brand using creative social media marketing strategies.

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