Ruff Roads Mobile Grooming Case Study

Strategy and Approach

Beautiful branding for grown-ups who treat their pups like family.

One of our all-time favorite projects, Ruff Roads Mobile Grooming, is a Vancouver, WA business that provides mobile dog grooming services. With just a year or so under their belt, they’ve been able to grow their clientele into the hundreds. This created an opportunity to expand their efforts into online advertising and branding.

They approached Webfor with a specific set of needs including a new website design and their first designer-provided logo. We’re a dog-friendly workplace so we had no program jumping in doing our best to provide a design experience that would set them apart for years and years to come.

It didn’t come without its challenges and many options were provided. Branding is a process. It’s one that requires some abstract thinking. You have to ask yourself the question, how do I make a statement with very little graphical representation? Let’s dig in.

Getting Deep Into Design-Thinking

Often an under recognized creative ability is to get deep into design-thinking. It’s a place, a zone, a mindset. A world where a designer can hash out both good and bad ideas.

This process starts with ideation and sketching. Sketching is a perfect way to get thoughts down on paper. Digital or not, this exercise allows you to work through some hand movements and just let your brain go.

Through this exercise you walk away with possibilities and that’s all we need to progress to vector art. Sketching isn’t perfect though. Sometimes your best ideas come well into the vectoring phase of the project work.

Finding An Emblem That Sticks

We narrowed down vector concepts to a full body representation of a French Bulldog. From here, we played with color treatments and shapes. Using a circle helps enclose the overall design in a way that makes it stand out against almost any backdrop. We wanted to convey comfort, fun, and relaxation. Here are some of those color variations.


Selecting a Typeface and Treatment

It can be challenging to select shapes and color, but no logo is complete without the accompanying business name. Here we took all of the elements up to this point and combined them to create a final series of logos.


Reaching the End and the Beginning

We reached the end of the logo design project (final version seen in this section). This meant it was time for the website design!

Now that the logo design is behind us, it’s time to get the rest of the brand online through a new custom website. The logo invokes a certain amount of freshness and calm. Kind of like a spa and it was our intention to pull that same feeling through to the website design.

The Final Result

With the new logo and site complete, Ruff Roads Mobile Grooming began expanding their business and branding efforts. Recently, they’ve hired new groomers, acquired new equipment, and continue to expand their customer base.

We couldn’t have been more thrilled by the outcome. Their brand materials look great and we encourage you to check out their service if you live in the area! It’s so easy!

Special thanks to the project team and the client for seeing this through from inception to completion. It’s a job well done.

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