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Drew Tumlinson, Author at Webfor

We Could All Use a Little More of This During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We’re facing a challenging time right now — a literal global pandemic. 🤯 Personally and professionally, the COVID-19 outbreak impacts all of us. As a company, Webfor has supported our community by purchasing and giving away gift cards to local restaurants providing takeout and delivery, transferred our team to a 100% remote office, Kevin is…

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3 Tips For How To Get Organized At Work

Hi. My name’s Drew, and I have an organizational problem. No, not a lack of organization — an actual obsession. From containers, and digital and physical planners to spreadsheets and everything in between, I love organization!  My obsession comes in handy at work, especially when things get a bit chaotic. And, honestly, is work ever…

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