Google Wants You to Help Fight Scraper Sites

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Wouldn’t it be infuriating if you created valuable content only to find out that another site stole it, and even worse, is ranking higher than you in search engines? As crazy as that sounds, it happens.

That’s, in part, why Google is calling out to everyone on the Web to report content scrapers, spam websites that steal their content from others. Google is in a constant PR battle to ensure they return relevant search results. I, for one, get frustrated when my searches turn up more first page nonsense than I can stomach.

Since many people have been vocal about this, Google has announced Panda 2.2, an update on its highly publicized algorithm change from earlier in the year. And since there is a vocal group of people complaining, offering a page where you can report scraper sites is a pretty good idea.

This constant battle may never end, but continuing to strive for quality search results benefits users and incentivizes SEOs to create quality content and deters spammers. Go to Google’s scraper reporting page if you have information on a content thief.