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How to Set Up Your New Facebook Business Page

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By Kevin Getch+

new facebook pageThe new business Facebook Page design is now available and will automatically be the new look for all Facebook Pages on March 30, 2012.

Essentially the same as the Timeline profile page for people, the business Timeline Page just makes more sense, at least from a visual perspective. Companies can use the cover photo as a way to really draw attention to their brand. But you aren’t given carte blanche to do whatever you want to with it. Let’s take a look at that and the other elements of setting up your business Facebook Page. 

Getting Started

Once you log into your business Facebook Page, there will be a pop-up banner that welcomes you to the new look. You can start by previewing a default presentation of your Page with the new look. You can also simply publish it as is, but most likely will want to work in some tweaks. If that’s the case, hit the green button to get started.

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Setting Your Cover and Profile Photos

As mentioned earlier, the cover photo is a great way to present your company with a bigger splash. If you’ve already done Timeline for your personal profile, you have a head start. For Pages, the cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels. Give some thought as to what best represents your company, but you can always change it up to represent new promotions or just think it needs improving. There are stipulations on what you can use in your image. You cannot include the following:

– Common sense stuff, such as not infringing on intellectual property rights, mislead or deceive Facebook users.

– Price or anything related to purchasing. That means no discount announcements or calls to action. The motivation is pretty clear: Facebook doesn’t want the Pages to look like banner ads.

– Information that would normally go in your About section: contact information, website, email, etc.

– Even a reference to Facebook features, such as “Like” or “Share” are a no-no.

Remember that you still have a profile picture, which is what shows up not only on your new-look Facebook Page, but everywhere else you show up on Facebook. Keep what you already have or change it if you want. Pretty basic stuff.


Below your cover and profile pictures there are four squares where you can arrange your photos, apps and likes. While photos must remain in the first slot, the rest can be customized to your liking.

new facebook timeline

Your Timeline

You can “pin” an especially important story with the pencil icon to the top of your timeline for seven days. While you can’t do any direct marketing in the cover photo, you can here. When you hover over each story, you can make them wider, hide them, highlight them as important with the star icon, or delete them entirely.

new facebook admin

Admin Panel

For those who are assigned admin privileges in your company, they access the admin panel from the link at the top right of your business page. As you’d expect, this is the central nervous system of your new Facebook Page. You can view your notifications, respond to messages from customers or clients, view your Page insights, and make changes to your Page’s settings.

Messages are a new feature for business pages. Admins can allow their company’s fans to send them personal messages, a great tool for customer engagement.

All in all, the new look for Pages is a marked improvement. Your Facebook Page will look much more like an extension of your website with real visual interest to take advantage of in marketing your products and services.

You can preview your Facebook Page now to see what it will look like and try out the new features. You have until March 30 to fiddle with it, but then it will become permanent.

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