Our Website Project Process and What to Expect

Our Website Project Process and What to Expect

So you’ve joined the Webfor extended family of businesses by moving forward with a new website. What does that mean? What does the process look like and what can you expect? Let’s dive in.

Our process is broken down into four primary phases, which are: strategy, design, build, and release. Each of these phases contains a series of steps and items we must complete before we can move the project forward from one phase to the next.

  • Strategy – Kickoff, architecture review, sitemap, content, and requirements.
  • Design – The full website design process may include a number of wireframes and full-color compositions.
  • Build – When the design is approved, we build out the comps into a working site with all content and agreed-upon features.
  • Release – In this phase we’re preparing to launch the site, which includes testing browsers, devices, and their functions. Once our tests are complete, we push the site to production.

Generally speaking, our website project process takes anywhere between 90 days and 120 days for a standard site and up to 180 days and 240 days for larger deployments. Given our expertise, we prefer to do things right the first time, and we’re very thorough. We ensure you don’t lose your audience or the SEO equity you’ve worked so hard to acquire up to this point.

The People Behind the Product

We’ve got a wonderful group of developers and designers (which includes me). But projects like these require more folks with a range of skills, so our projects also include content writers, account managers, and other members of our team.

We’re big on collaborating and we’re big on feedback, so all throughout the process both the internal team (Webfor) and the external team (you) have an opportunity to mold the future of your online presence.

We’re here to help guide the process from start to finish, and while we’ll work with you to nail your vision, we’ll also provide our expert advice and ensure your website not only looks good but works well, too.

After all, your primary goal is to continue to build opportunities for growth and sales.

Not Every Client Is a Fit

While we’d love to work with everyone, sometimes it’s just not a fit, and that’s OK. Whether it’s a culture misalignment or budget constraint, we understand not everything is meant to be. Regardless, we’ll help you as much as we can throughout the process to ensure you’re walking away with either an exciting new project or some wonderfully helpful information that will guide your future decisions.

We take our client relationships very seriously. Our growth is tied to yours, so ensuring you’re successful helps us, too. And while we might not always be the fastest team, we’re one of the most effective and value-driven groups you can find.

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you again next time.