The Impacts of Good Website Design

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The Impacts of Good Website Design

In the age of Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, and other insta website options it’s easy to assume that just because you have one (a website), that it’s gonna work some magic by generating sales and opportunities. Sometimes that’s true … and you’ll have a friend of a friend talk about how awesome their $17.99 website works … but what they forget to mention is that they have 47,000 social media followers.

A brand with no followers is likely a brand that doesn’t sell. Raving fans and followers can become buyers but you can’t always get away with something that’s cheap and easy.

It could actually cost you more in the long run because every day that you aren’t growing your brand = losing sales/opportunities.

What is good website design? 

Every engagement is a transaction. That includes clicks to your website, button interactions, scrolling, etc. Good design guides users through pertinent sections and emphasizes headlines, graphics, and other forms of media. 

Good design takes regular boring ideas and turns them into something cool, fresh, and bankable. In other words, good design can result in business growth. 

Users are picky and millennials have taken the top spot from other generations regarding employment. There are lots of businesses owned or co-owned by millennials, so your marketing and design tactics must shift to meet that audience where they are.


What does good website design include? 

Good website design includes a range of media and many of them can feel “impossible” to produce. Here are some common elements your website should include:

  • Videos and lots of them. Videos for every important page should be a goal. Starting small, with one video, can make a huge impact.
  • Audio clips. Have you given a presentation at a conference? Did you record it? It can be beneficial to embed the content on your site! This gives users another way to consume your brand and your people passively.
  • Blogs. You should blog. I know, it sounds boring but I promise you that it matters. Not just for users, but for search engines too. Write about stuff that’s relevant to the business and you’re passionate about.
  • ImagesGraphicsLogos. It goes without saying that having other visual materials matters. Avoid stock photography as much as possible. Walking around with your iPhone snapping pictures is better than your classic stock photo of people smiling and pointing to an empty whiteboard.

Other elements I find important are:

  • Trust logos and client logos.
  • Written testimonials. 
  • Product reviews.
  • Features/benefits sections.
  • Galleries containing real people and real work.
  • Newsletters (depending on the business).

There are many more elements, but it really depends on your business and your goals.

Good website design at Webfor is a bit of a process.

We aren’t always the fastest designers and developers, but we put out some of the most effective work in the industry. For more than a decade we’ve paired good design with marketing to drive business results for our clients. Take a look at some of our testimonials!

Our ability to organize ideas and content creates results. We just recently launched a large project during a peak activity month (a risky move). The new site and branding have resulted in hundreds more conversions. Conversions = opportunity and where there’s an opportunity, there’s growth.

Good website design is an investment.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been operating. A professionally crafted website can change the course of your business. With countless stories behind us, we’re confident that our award-winning team and seasoned professionals can help you evolve over the long term.

As always, thank you for reading and I’ll see you again next time!