Your Webfor Account Manager

Account Managers Handshake

Communication is at the heart of everything we do.

Your Webfor account manager is dedicated to relentlessly working to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. It all starts with building strong relationships, developing a deep understanding of your business and getting to know you.
From the beginning of your relationship with Webfor, your account manager is there every step of the way. We guide the process and help ensure your experience with Webfor is highly successful.

New client onboarding

Our onboarding process is where the foundation of your marketing campaign is built. Based on your marketing goals, we select the right mix of digital marketing specialists to achieve your objectives. Whether to rank higher in Google search results, create quality content for your audience, or drive new leads through a pay-per-click ad campaign, you can be assured you’ll have the right people in place on your team to deliver the results your organization needs.

Welcome to the party!

Well, maybe not a party, but definitely a meet-and-greet. It’s important for us to get to know you. It helps provide context and a deeper understanding of your business. Shake hands with your account manager. Tell us all about your business. Talk about keywords with an SEO master, and discuss the finer points of your business with the content writer.

We love to get to know our clients, learn about your business, and understand your goals. We see ourselves as an extension of your company and we need that personal connection to connect the dots.

A single point of communication

Every aspect of your relationship with Webfor will be handled by your account manager. Taking care of the day-to-day management and oversight of your account deliverables, they will keep you apprised of deadlines met, goals achieved, and make sure your questions get answered. With monthly reporting, you’ll always know how we’re doing. Your account manager keeps the process moving smoothly and is there for you to make recommendations.

Strategy alignment

Your account manager is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of digital marketing, helps allocate budgets, and develops digital marketing plans across all online channels. This includes digital media, PPC, website, and social media. As your dedicated project team makes progress, your account manager will consult with you and present recommendations to strategically evolve the focus of your account to continue to drive results.

Reporting your goals

On a monthly basis, your account manager will deliver reporting tailored to your digital marketing objectives. This is a great opportunity to talk about your business. It’s important for us to learn about what’s new or changed and understand any new products or strategies you’re working on.

Your account manager listens with a keen ear and asks questions about what’s driving change to determine how we can add value. Whether it’s where to get the word out about an event, roll out a new product or service, or get you noticed by local media, we’re here to help, contribute ideas, and develop solutions and make recommendations.

Communication is at the heart of what we do

Communication is at the core of our process to consistently deliver the results you need. From knowing your goals to understanding your business, your Webfor account manager is at the heart of the relationship. Webfor is always present to ensure your marketing campaign is running smoothly and delivering results.

Next steps. If you’re not already a Webfor client, please reach out to us and let us know what you need help with. Let’s get started – you may be surprised!