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Logo Design

Logo design services that leave a mark.

What can Webfor do for you?

Webfor is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow by providing, among other things, search engine solutions, content creation and conversion-focused branding and web design. We’ve created successful logo designs for Portland and Vancouver businesses — plus many companies based far outside the Pacific Northwest.

Logos are paramount for the success of your business. Like the famous logos we highlighted above, a well-designed logo can increase interest in your product or service, engage potential new customers and, hopefully, get them to interact with your business.

Once your logo becomes a recognizable symbol for your company in the broader marketplace, it starts to do a lot of heavy lifting. Over time, your logo can achieve the kind of instant recognition and association that signifies to the marketplace everything your business stands for.

Skyetel LLC Logo
Workforce Southwest Washington Logo

Now we’re talking!

A well-designed logo becomes an integral part of your brand identity. As our friends at LucidPress say, while “a brand is an emotional and even philosophical concept, (a) brand identity is the visual component of a brand that represents those larger ideas.”

Webfor will work with you to hone in on your unique brand identity one step at a time. One of those steps will include brainstorming logo ideas that harness the power of signature color palettes and typographies. In fact, our design process consists of multiple prototypes and concepts before we present to you the best of our collaborative efforts.

Today, a logo.
Tomorrow, the world.

The Webfor staff consists of creative dynamos who used to doodle logos on school folders.

Now we’re doing it for a living!

We love this stuff!

We’re accomplishing our dreams.

Let’s accomplish yours!

Revitalize your visual identity.

Your new logo will become an instantly recognizable signifier for your product or service, and Webfor will make sure it adapts to modern marketing channels with ease — both print and digital — not to mention promotional items.

Your new logo will alert the world to your company’s presence, your products and services, and the benefits that those products and services bring to clients and customers.

How do we do it?

With Creativity


…and Science!

The intersection of design and art.

Along with daring and bold dashes of creativity, Webfor will utilize the latest knowledge and discoveries from the marketing sciences, the psychology of color and conversion testing.

Our forte? A wise amalgamation of these approaches.

The Webfor team has decades of combined experience and detailed knowledge of the marketplace. We’ll create a refined, contemporary brand logo for you that will reflect your business and your vision. We’ll get to know your company, consider your target audience and competitors, and create a design that appeals to the market.

We’ll also create a set of directives that explain how your visual identity should be portrayed. This can range from style guidelines, such as colors, typography, spacing, acceptable logo use and examples of incorrect logo use, to a more expansive brand-experience guide that dictates language, photography, example applications and more!

That way, you’ll be able to use your new logo and other branding elements on all your marketing collateral — from storefronts and business cards to websites and social media — and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that business partners have the know-how to properly display your logo.

VIP Tickets logo design
Webfor logo design example
Webfor Logo Design Examples -- VIP Tickets, Johansson Wing, NW Soccer Locker

Ready to
Get Started?

We provide thousands of dollars in value up front without any expectation, contracts or proposals. If you’re ready to get started then let’s discover your goals, pain points and generate a strategy to get you on the path you desire.

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