Graphic Design

Graphic design can mean a great many things to a great many people.

Website, tri-fold brochures handed out at trade shows, and even the designs on cocktail napkins at a wedding reception, all use elements of graphic design. But it’s much more than picking the right picture or choosing complimentary colors.

There are technical aspects to consider, too. Graphic designers must consider the shape of a design, where elements should be placed, what message is trying to be conveyed, and how the finished product will be replicated over different media. Differences between print, web, TV, and others must be considered.

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The differences in paper alone – newsprint, glossy, card stock, etc. – are enough to give most marketers pause. Graphic design is much more than choosing a background, finding some clip art, and choosing a font. It goes deeper still if you want your business to stand out from the crowd.

Services We Provide

Logo Design

New logo design for existing and new businesses.

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Brand Books

Create a cohesive brand document to share with others.

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Graphic Design

Illustration and apparel design by Webfor.

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Graphic design example for client in music industry

The Discovery Process

Where We Learn About You

Webfor takes the time to learn about our clients – what they want to convey with their brand as well as their overall marketing efforts. This could be incorporating branding that already exists, creating new assets, or designing peripheral content that complements established materials.

Personality plays a huge part in the process. Do you like Ford Broncos bounding over rough terrain, or do you prefer the “Vespa life”? Certainly, the type of business will play a part, but you aren’t necessarily limited by that, either. During this discovery conversation, Webfor will gain as much insight as possible.

Through polished sketches, rough comps, and final presentations, it all comes together to create a brand, a logo, and other marketing materials that meet your approval and create engagement with your customers.

Custom Illustrations

Set yourself apart from stock photography and canned graphics.

There’s a reason everybody uses the same icon, graphic, or photo libraries: It’s fast and easy. But, in a world where off-the-shelf web solutions are increasingly available, cookie-cutter marketing efforts begin to dissolve into one another.

Why not separate yourself from the rest of the pack?

Custom illustrations give your website, print assets, and other marketing efforts a look and feel that are all your own. Why search for graphics that are “close enough” when you can have images that meet your specific needs?

Graphic design for Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

graphic design for client in pet industry

Graphic Design That Drives Your Marketing

It’s time to let your customers know who you are.

Through website development, print materials, and other marketing tools, you have the opportunity to sell yourself before you even mention your product or service. Through custom graphic design from Webfor, your customers will know exactly where you’re coming from.

It’s just one facet of your marketing efforts, though. Content development, search engine optimization, PPC, and social media management all work together to keep your current customers engaged while speaking to potential customers that need your products or services.

We help people. That means you, too. Get in touch for a free consultation and discovery session.

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“The Webfor team has been very thorough in reviewing our web properties, UX, SEO, and many other facets of our organization’s digital ecosystem. They continue to provide detailed feedback and suggestions, and also help with implementation. Working with the entire Webfor team has been a very productive and a positive experience. They’re very organized, extremely knowledgeable professionals.”

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New Logo and Website Design

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