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A well-crafted brand book captures your business and its core messaging.

When it comes to marketing, global companies are almost all recognizable by a single image: a logo. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, you’ve probably already thought of a few of the biggest. From computers to fast food restaurants to vehicles, a logo packs quite a punch.

But branding can work for smaller businesses, too. Even if you don’t have a fleet of trucks emblazoned with your logo or millions of products stamped with your brand, building a consistent, visual representation of your business helps build familiarity in your community.

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Logo Design

New logo design for existing and new businesses.

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Brand Books

Create a cohesive brand document to share with others.

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Graphic Design

Illustration and apparel design by Webfor.

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Creating your Brand

How customers, vendors, partners, and others will see your company

We’ll create a brand that not only fits you as a company but incorporates your industry as well. Industrial services benefit from strong colors and sharp lines, whereas a pet groomer may require rounded edges to communicate a softer touch. We take the time to learn about you as a company before the heavy lifting begins.

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Brand Book Development

Your branding playbook

A brand book is a blueprint that informs all decisions regarding how you represent yourself visually. The Swoosh and The Smile are just one aspect of the Nike and Amazon “brand.” The fonts they use, the color combinations, the dimensions, and more are rigorously followed to maintain their patented “look.”

This goes beyond advertising, too. The brand book is something that should be referenced across all teams. These guidelines should be used in all content situations, on your website, throughout internal and external communications, on vehicle wraps, and affixed to anything else you’re producing for your company.

We’ll also help you develop guidelines on how not to use this branding. This could include hard and fast rules about the dimension of your logo, allowable background imagery (nothing stock or canned), forbidden colors, and more. 

When we design your brand, we consider all possible uses and representations.

Making the change

Webfor will help you cover all the bases

With detailed branding guidelines in place, there’s never a worry about causing confusion among existing and potential customers, vendors, or others with whom you do business.

And when it’s time to switch over to your new look, Webfor will provide all of the assets you need to make wholesale changes.

This includes your website, brochures, any advertising efforts, and promotional materials (such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other swag). From the letterhead at the top of your printed correspondence to the signature file at the bottom of your email, all will be covered.

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While business best practices may be adapted to work with new global innovations, it’s rare to see major labels change their branding. There may be an update here or there, but the recognizable Golden Arches from McDonald’s have stayed consistent for more than 60 years.

That’s what Webfor will give you when you work with us as your branding partner. While there may be some elements that reflect the times, we hope to build a brand that stands the test of time. If you feel your company branding needs to be updated – or you’ve never thought about branding before – reach out to us. Let’s get started creating your brand.

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