No-Fail Branding Tips for Doubters

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Think your company’s a big deal? We do, too. The problem is, without effective branding, no one else will know.

The way in which you choose to brand your business determines how the public perceives your services or products, which can make or break your ROI. Everything from company name, to visual representation through logo, web design, and team photos, to your social media presence shares the values at the core of your offerings with the world.

But how do you get from brandless to well-branded? The following tips can help you clarify your professional brand and attract qualified business that leads to conversions.Understand Your Company Branding requires soul-searching. In order to fully understand what your business needs to do to attract clients and thrive, you first need to understand the basis for its existence. Cool it, grab a pen and paper or your trusty tablet, and take some notes.

Assess both your work product and the type of people who work for you. How do your company culture and services or products intersect to form the foundation for your daily work? Reviewing current or prior company mottos can also help to define the core of your purpose, information that your branding should include. Bring these notes to branding strategy meetings as a benchmark for authentic strategy development. Be the Best You Once you’ve assessed the inside, look outside. What about your company appeals to potential clients? Highlighting your businesses’ best “face” is a vital part of proper branding. We all have flaws, and businesses are no different. However, branding acts as your “interview” with potential clients, highlighting the very best your business has to offer. Don’t be shy – share what makes your company unique and useful, and make sure that your visuals, site design, content, and office space all reflect these factors and qualities. Prioritize Your Website In the internet age, your website is your face. Between the frequent updates Google makes to its algorithm to changing trends in web design, keeping your website not only functional but fresh plays a huge role in how hard your branding is able to work for you.

If you don’t have a website, your homework assignment is to contact a qualified web design company this week and discuss your options. There is no excuse not to, and your clients will thank you with increased conversions and financial rewards.

If you have a website, but it makes you or customers feel like this, it’s time to redesign. Branding is essential to a successful redesign, one that will create meaningful change for your business. With new logos, company photos, and dynamic messaging, plus a responsive design (Google’s favorite type of mobile site), you’ll have a hard time avoiding success. Keep It Simple Complexity is appealing in chocolate or wine. In branding? Not so much. The simplest brands are often the most effective, because they convey meaning and purpose without confusing the user. Note the companies listed in this article from Forbes. From McDonald’s to General Electric, the logos used are clear and memorable; no, muss, no fuss.

The same goes for the content. Clear messaging, effective calls-to-action, and mission-oriented copy all introduce the authentic “you” to users and help keep them moving through the conversion funnel. Fail Thee Well Mistakes . . . I’ve made a few. We all have. However, learning from our slip-ups alchemizes these experiences into something useful. Some of the biggest businesses around today have made massive branding fails that taught them more than success ever could about what does and does not work for their projects, industry, and unique company mission.

J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame offers some powerful advice on failure:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”

Ouch, but true. Good branding takes daring, and that daring can land you right on your face. Of course, working hand-in-hand with professionals can significantly decrease your chances of a costly flop. However, mishaps will occur along the way, and it’s up to you transform them into valuable lessons about how to share your business with the world. Consult the Pros Unsure how to get started with branding? Stress not and consult a qualified digital marketing team, preferably one that has design and SEO experience. They’ll know what it takes to create a successful brand, on and offline, and will walk you through the process with confidence, and maybe even a few jokes.

Remember: going with your gut is always the right thing to do. However, in the case of branding your business, follow your gut directly to the door of a company that knows how to launch a successful brand, and partner with them to create the company image of your dreams.