A/B Testing Services

A/B Testing Services Increase Conversions.

The best way to get relatively quick and easy answers is through A/B testing.

As with any marketing strategy, the more information you have about how your customers and potential customers interact with your website the better able you will be to make informed decisions about ad spend.

Digitally speaking, there are numerous ways to check how your site is doing and where it can be improved.

Google Analytics, tracking keyword rankings via SEMrush, even comparing form fills or phone calls year over year, will give you a really good overall picture of your efforts.

When it’s time to make a change, however, it can be difficult to find the proper solution.

Any updates or upgrades just won’t have the data to help you decide. And when creating a year-long strategy, or even one for a few months, you want to make sure you’re operating with more than a “gut feeling” of what will deliver optimal results.

Services We Provide

E-commerce Design

New design for your
E-commerce website.

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UX Interaction

Designing your site with user testing and personas.

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A/B Split Testing

Testing pages and elements against each other.

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Customizing your site to align with WCAG 2.0.

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Usability Testing

User testing through external tools to increase performance.

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157%Increase of new conversions due to UVP efforts.

Use A/B Tests to Make Informed Decisions.

Everyone has theories about what will work well on a website and what won’t. In some cases, they’ll just make changes and hope for the best. Depending on the size of your marketing strategy, however, you probably don’t want to base it on a hunch. A/B testing eliminates “groupthink” and “hope/emotion” by using data to inform one’s decisions.

Through testing applications such as UsabilityHub, Google Optimize, and others, Webfor is able to test these changes before making them live on your site. Changing a single element on a site can change the entire course of a transaction — for good or for bad.

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Altering the color or shape of a “Click Here” button, or changing the words to “Apply Now,” could lead to a significant increase in conversions. UsabilityHub, Google Optimize, and other applications allow Webfor to gather, analyze, and present data you’ll use to make an informed decision.

A minor change can also alter the entire course of your company’s immediate future.

Don’t you want to make sure it’s the right change? With A/B testing, you will. 

These tests can be applied to a lengthy list of website aspects including:

• Different hero options
• Button dimension, colors, wording
• Video vs. still photography
• CTA placements
• Headline changes

Make smart decisions, not emotional ones. Let the data make the call, not your ego.

The red button performs better than the blue one. The “Let’s Begin” conversion rate pales in comparison to “Learn More.” The concert hero image sells way more tickets than the baseball image. We understand that you like “Let’s Begin,” baseball, and the color blue, but your customers disagree.

When Webfor performs A/B testing, it helps us avoid implementing what might be a harmful change to our clients’ websites.