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Is your website accessible and ADA-compliant?

Considerations must be made for all of your customers. It’s the law.

Avoid facing the legal consequences of having a website that isn’t ADA compliant. Fill out our form to get a free website accessibility audit to uncover any barriers or challenges that may be preventing some visitors from accessing your website content. Whether it’s color contrast, font size, or navigational issues, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations to help you improve your website’s accessibility and be ADA compliant.

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What is website accessibility?

In place for more than three decades, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires accessibility considerations when it comes to jobs, structures, and other aspects of life. It wasn’t until the turn of this century that governmental bodies turned their attention to the internet.

Today, website accessibility is just as important as the accessibility of your brick-and-mortar establishment. Applying alt text to images, installing media players with accessibility support, and allowing users to increase the size of the font on your site are just a few of the ways to ensure all users can interact with your site.

web accessibility user control issues being written down on paper

Website accessibility services protect your business.

At Webfor, we believe providing an accessible website is the right thing to do. It’s also good business.

We incorporate World Wide Web Consortium guidelines on all new website builds. These guidelines are a fact of life. Major players in the education, entertainment, and restaurant industries have all been taken to court because of inaccessible websites.

Web Accessibility Audit Process

Did you know that California laws even protect users with disabilities from websites that are based in other states? A Webfor accessibility audit on your existing site is an evaluation of how well a website supports the needs of web users with disabilities.

The audit and evaluation process will provide and present actions and recommendations to assure the website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) success criteria and techniques. Although these guidelines can be confusing, we provide easy-to-understand solutions.

Reviewing website accessibility violations in HTML markup

Website Accessibility Audit Checks


Do images, videos, and audio files contain alternative options to allow people with disabilities access to the information?


Are your color schemes easy to digest? Do header tags hinder screen reading software? Can the text on your webpages be increased without breaking site elements?

User Control

Can your website be used with only a keyboard and no mouse? Do you have content that flashes, scrolls, or moves without the ability to stop it? Can users skip the navigation?


Users need to be able to find content and orient themselves by ensuring that each web page has a descriptive title. Are links descriptive? Are there multiple ways to access different pages/information on a website, such as a search bar, navigation menus, sitemaps, breadcrumbs, etc.?


Functions of the site are easily identifiable, there is consistent navigation, form errors are easily recognized and addressed, and users must be able to control changes and inputs. (A form can’t be submitted upon completion; it must be told to do so.)

You wouldn’t balk at putting ramps at your entrance or handrails in your restrooms to improve accessibility for your customers as well as employees. Why neglect them when they come to your website? Doesn’t it make sense to help those looking to buy your products or use your services?

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Julia Maglione / Workforce Southwest Washington
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