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How do you optimize your cleaning service for SEO?

There’s an old joke in the digital marketing biz: Where do you hide your biggest secrets? On the second page of Google search results. It makes sense – think about how often do you make it past the first page in search of a product or service?

If we can’t find what we’re looking for on that first page, we usually try a different search term instead of giving the other 2,700,000 results a chance. So how do you get to that first page? Make your pages as Google-Friendly as possible. After all, it decides what goes on that first page.


Talking Google’s Language

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity when planning your digital marketing strategy. Without SEO, you can expect Google to pass you by without so much as a sniff. Using certain keywords, title tags, clean and concise content, and more than 20 other factors go into the Google algorithm.

SEO specialists are tasked with analyzing a site, dissecting the findings, and then recommending keywords or phrases that should be included in a service, product, or blog page. Many of their tasks are done behind the scenes, hardly noticeable to the average consumers.

But you know who does notice it? Google. Never before has a single company built an entire industry around itself as Google has. And because it’s their game, you have to play by their rules. Consider the SEO specialist the general manager of your team – putting players in the right positions. So, can we help your cleaning service get found online? One of the first steps is keywords of course.


Identifying Keywords that Work

Using the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension, you can search both phrases and get search volume, competition data, and even cost per click information. In our example, “cleaning service in vancouver wa” received a monthly volume of 140 searches with very high competition.

High competition, of course, means a lot of cleaning businesses are vying for those 140 potential customers. The term is also very popular with Google Adwords. (Quick note: make sure to include “wa” in your search – don’t want to get confused with Vancouver, B.C.)

There is a lot more monthly traffic for our second search term. There are around 2,000 monthly searches for “cleaning services near me.” However, most of the Search Engine Result Pages will be dominated by those regional or national companies.

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It is easier to rank for the more generic keyword phrases when you already have some “juice” and are already ranking for local keywords. SEO strategy is a long-term game, however, that is why it is important to get your cleaning services contest strategy right the first time. This helps you build the SEO “juice”. Making it easier to target those local keyword phrases that have lower competition because they will be more successful in a shorter amount of time. Still use a few of the higher competition keywords and maybe in a month or two, after building up your own juice around the local keywords. At that point, you can start going after those high-traffic keywords and continue to build your authority. This is done by updating existing content to have a heavier focus on those higher competition keywords. By updating existing content you won’t have to start from scratch – you can continue to build on the gains old content already acquired. Bit by bit, you’ll move up the list.

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Let The Games Begin

Let’s consider two search terms, both dealing with trying to find a cleaning service. In one browser, we’ll use the search term “cleaning services in vancouver wa.” We’ll go a little vaguer with the second search term to see the difference: “cleaning service near me.”

As a small business owner that runs a house cleaning service, cleaning company, or maid service in Vancouver, WA, which search term would work best for you? Consider people working on a desktop at home, a laptop at work, or a (hands-free) smartphone while driving around.

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You give your clients the best service, why not do the same for your business website? Webfor has been helping clients with their SEO strategies since 2009. We’ve seen Google change the game multiple times and take the time to stay up to speed.

Not sure how we can help your cleaning service business? Reach out to us and we’ll analyze your website (and your competitors) and make recommendations that will get your business out of the minor leagues. In addition to SEO, Webfor offers UX, Content, PPC, and other services all designed to get you – and keep you – in the game.

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